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On the widely used FICO credit score scale, approximately one in every people achieves perfection, at least as of a estimate by the Fair Isaac Corporation, the company behind the aforementioned FICO score. The perks of having a perfect or even excellent credit score think or higher are undeniable.

It puts the ball completely in the corner of the consumer rather than the lender.

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So, what does it take to achieve this Holy Grail of credit scores? This probably goes without saying, but the most important factor of your FICO credit score is your payment history. Many years back, I was a day late with a credit card payment, but I had at least five years of consecutive on-time payments with the lender in question. I asked that the late fee and adverse credit ding be forgiven and the lender obliged.

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Not only do you avoid running the risk of your payment arriving and processing after the due date if you mail your bills in, but online banking is exceptionally quick and it makes record keeping very easy. If you can, pay your credit cards off each and every month.


Another somewhat common misconception is that you need to stay on top of your credit score like a hawk. It takes a lot of data points to paint an accurate picture for lenders. It took me 17 years to achieve an credit score. Limit your credit score checks to between two and four times annually.

This will give you a bigger-picture look at your progress. Yes, increasing your credit limit will likely involve your lender taking a hard look at your credit report, and it may result in a temporary loss of a few points on your credit score.

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But over the long term it could help lower your credit utilization rate, which will have a considerably more positive impact on your credit score as long as you remain responsible with your spending. Though this idea might sound insane, asking your lender for a lower interest rate tends to work more often than not.

As noted above, lenders spend far more money to bring in new customers than they do by caving in to a few concessions from those with excellent credit score. If your accounts are in good standing, leaving them open for an extended period of time will help your credit score. An important factor in your march toward an FICO credit score is to ensure that you only open new credit accounts when it makes the financial sense to do so. Whether you realize it or not, FICO actually takes the types of debt you pay into account when calculating your score.

This post will bring to you the best law of attraction books, but this is not simply the ones that I have chosen. This post is different from the others you may have read in that you the readers from my site, various Facebook groups and forums have voted and chosen. It could be the one you first read, that still sticks in your mind. Perhaps the one that has inspired you the most. I have had a great response from this research and have come up with the top Best Law of Attraction books, all 41 of them, chosen by you, and here for you. There are appropriate links where applicable, and I would like you to read the following disclaimer before carrying on.

You could go directly to the shops, or to Amazon homepage yourself, however, If you make any purchase through my site, then Best Law of Attraction gets a small commission on every sale made. Any monies go into the upkeep of this site. The Buy on Amazon links provided are direct, and safe links over to your own countries Amazon, for a smoother buying experience.

I appreciate it immensely, and it is helping this site to grow bigger and bigger. So a fascinating piece of research and I have had a nice variety of books coming in. I honestly think that there is something there for everyone!

We actually have four books recommended that came in fifth place. Buy on Amazon. Louise Hay is an amazing author and one of the first that I read. She takes a softer approach to the law of attraction, with more focus on you, yourself. She was one of my most favourite authors when I first started getting into the law of attraction, and I found her books very helpful.

Rhonda Byrne takes you on a day journey, with simple practices that everyone and anyone can try out for themselves.

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This is a great book that is especially good for those that are just starting on their law of attraction journey with practical things that you can do and see for yourself how the law of attraction works. Dr Maxwell Maltz, brings in this book the secrets to success, happiness and building your self-esteem. So are failure and misery. I have to say, my personal favourite here. This edition includes a transcript of a live Abraham workshop. The book includes checklists and self-tests. Learn to focus your mind, and remove the hurdles that are hindering success. Learn how to get on the path of both happiness and success.

It explores the idea of thoughts becoming feelings, in an easy to read, informative book. Ideal for beginners to the Law of Attraction. Is that a surprise to anyone? This book was in the lead by quite a bit see the full list below. I was absolutely amazed at the number of times this book got voted in. Esther works with the non-physical entity known as Abraham, and the book is written through his teachings.

This is an amazing book and extremely popular.

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Perfect for all no matter where you are on your law of attraction journey. So, I have listed all of the books that were voted in, and at the end of each book, you will see how many votes each book got.

All the books listed below, plus the ones in the top 5 can all be found over in the Best Law of Attraction shop as well. It is a great intro to the LOA. So, as well as the 40 kaw of attraction based books, I also had a couple of other recommendations and people giving one author to me. I have all of them myself. Esther writes and does seminars, by tapping into a non-physical entity called Abraham. Yes, I agree to many at first this might sound weird, and not your thing but I would highly recommend taking a look at her books.

She said to me. Thank you! So, before I start to wrap this post up, I would also like to make a comment about Neville Goddard.