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Having abducted Flip to act as Zoe Heriot in a twisted version of the Second Doctor 's regeneration TV : The War Games , he used the Extractor on the Doctor, goading him into feeling more negative emotions, which continued the Valeyard's restoration. Flip managed to distract the Doctor, bringing an end to the Valeyard's plan.

But what he managed to get from the actors and the Doctor was enough to complete his restoration. All he had to do was wait for the Nathemus to complete their work. Once the Nathemus finally got access, the Valeyard was able to take over the Sixth Doctor's life. In this position, he made arrangements for having the Nathemus continue to influence the Matrix and managed to replace at least two other Time Lords with himself.

However, an echo of the Doctor remained in the Matrix and managed to foil the Valeyard's plan by telling his past self through the telepathic circuits to fly into beams of radiation from Lakertya , thus forcing him to regenerate into the Seventh Doctor , and killing the Nathemus before they could completely link with him. This left the Valeyard trapped in the Matrix with the echo of the Doctor.

The Valeyard angrily protested that the Doctor had killed them both and robbed himself of a future, but the echo of the Sixth Doctor declared he would rather die than have a future as the Valeyard and added he would do so happily, knowing the last words the Valeyard would ever hear would be his. With his regeneration into the Seventh Doctor, however, the timelines shifted, leading the echo of the Sixth Doctor to quietly fade away as he was from a timeline that now no longer existed.

The Valeyard, meanwhile, remained stuck in the Matrix, having once again been reduced to a weakened form. The Valeyard later tangled with the Doctor in his seventh incarnation, revealing his mastery of the Dark Matrix , a counterpart of the original. He assumed the identity of Jack the Ripper and used the Ripper murders to 'feed' the Matrix. He tried to use its power to give himself a true body, unconcerned with the dangers his actions posed to history.

While he committed the Ripper murders, he used the Dark Matrix to reach into his past to corrupt the Doctor's other selves to do his work, such as driving the Doctor to destroy other Time Lords as he left Gallifrey in his first incarnation , his fourth incarnation into destroying the Daleks at their beginning and his fifth incarnation into drinking the bat's milk himself while Peri died in his place.

These corrupted incarnations became wraiths in the Valeyard's TARDIS , resembling cloaked, twisted versions of themselves, which he could subsequently use to animate golems to act as his agents. After the Seventh Doctor was attacked by one of the Valeyard's golems, he attempted to leave Ace with the First Doctor for safety, only to arrive in the alternate that would result from the Valeyard's presence in London. He learned the full details of the new timeline from that world's versions of Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright. He travelled back to to investigate the Ripper murders after identifying them as the divergent point with Barbara's help but nearly fell under the Valeyard's influence before he sealed his conscious mind in the TARDIS' telepathic circuits.

After wandering London as an amnesic cardsharp by the name 'Johnny', the Doctor was reunited with the circuits in time to save Ace from being the Ripper's sixth victim. Tracking the Valeyard to the church where he had established his base, the Doctor confronted his enemy - who stated that he now called himself 'the Ripper' as he found the name more evocative - while the Ripper summoned the wraiths of the other twelve Doctors to confront the Seventh.

He fought the Ripper on the top the church, but the destruction of the Valeyard's TARDIS and the subsequent release of energy caused by the 'rebellion' of the Dark Matrix seemingly killed the Valeyard and restored history to normal. The Valeyard, convinced that he himself is the Doctor.

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The Valeyard was reconstituted from the Eighth Doctor when he used a transmat to leave Thellian. He won many battles for the Time Lords by not hesitating to sacrifice planets when necessary, as the Doctor never would. Eventually, the Time Lords learned of a weapon on the planet Grahv , that would allow the Daleks to erase the Time Lords from existence so completely, that the Daleks would be the only ones to remember the Time Lords ever existed.

The Valeyard was sent to Grahv to use the weapon on the Daleks.

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He was able to successfully use it, but with the cost of damaging his own memory , along with the deaths of the native Grahvians. The Time Lords, upon discovering this, placed the planet in a time lock , trapping the Valeyard there. With his memory damaged, and the weapon's true nature of being a memory weapon providing illusions of the Grahvians and the Daleks still being alive, the Valeyard repeated his mission over and over again for two centuries, believing he was the Doctor.

The Doctor was able to figure out what had happened, including that the Dalek Time Strategist had been there, and had escaped through a rift. The Valeyard refused to follow the Doctor and Bliss through the rift, as he knew if he left Grahv, his memories would reassert themselves and he would go back to being the Valeyard. By staying on Grahv, he could continue being the Doctor. With the Doctor's departure, the Valeyard remained trapped there, fighting against the Daleks as the Doctor.

Reverend Douglas Bell would advise the Doctor to take heed of their prediction that hatred would consume him, though the Doctor insisted that it was still only a possibility and not set in stone. For a time, it was believed that the corrupted memory of the Sixth Doctor would be used as the template for the Valeyard's final manifestation as the Seventh Doctor began to associate him with the Valeyard, prompting the memories of the other five Doctors to seal him away in their mind.

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PROSE : Head Games However, when the Seventh Doctor nearly died and woke up in his own grave, he accepted that he was the Doctor in all his bodies and nobody deserved to be locked away forever, allowing him to forgive his past self and remove the guilt that would have led to the Sixth Doctor's memory becoming the Valeyard. The Tenth Doctor still considered the Valeyard to be one of his future incarnations and wondered if the Twelfth Doctor was secretly him upon meeting him as he had scanned the Eleventh Doctor and confirmed him as his final incarnation.

The Twelfth Doctor rebuked by asking if he "looked like he was out of panto". On Trenzalore , the Great Intelligence claimed that the Valeyard would be one of the future aliases of the Doctor "before the end. As recorded by the Testimony , the "Shadow of the Valeyard" was a name for the Doctor. TV : Twice Upon a Time. Unlike the real meta-crisis Doctor, this illusionary form had a malevolent appearance, sporting a beard and primarily black outfit that mirrored the Doctor's clothes.

Before revealing his true identity, Es'Cartrss suggested to the Doctor that he was, in fact, the Valeyard. The Doctor dismissed this suggestion, leading to the revelation of Es'Cartrss's identity. The easiest way to get that next gig is as simple as asking for it. There are opportunities everywhere you just have to go after them. If you thought M.

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What an amazing journey this had been. Two hundred? Yes indeed. We made it. So what have we learned two hundred episodes in? A lot. Also in this episode: Beauty Tips! Boats were not made to stay safely in the harbor. They were made to crash into the waves. Performers are no different. You were given this talent to go out and take risks, crashing into waves as you move forward. What lies beyond that?

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Performers will face a lot in their journey so we have to stay extra motivated. Whether you are working towards goals, facing challenges, or just trying to move forward, motivation is powerful. On this episode of Titan Talk, we're coming to you from our hotel room the day before a show! He was also a screen and television writer — On December 7, , Tim Kelly died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage age 61 in his Hollywood home. Emerson College has twice honored him for his "contributions to the field of playwriting. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Categories : births deaths People from Saugus, Massachusetts 20th-century American dramatists and playwrights.