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Kali Ma, called the “Dark Mother,” is the Hindu goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction.

I am the One who calls to you at the end of your journey. After the day is done, My children find their blessed rest in my embrace. I am the womb from which all things are born. I am the shadowy, still tomb; all things must come to Me and bare their breasts to die and be reborn to the Whole. I snip the threads that bring my children home to me.

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I slit the throats of the cruel and drink the blood of the heartless. Swallow your fear and come to me, and you will discover true beauty, strength, and courage. I am the fury which rips the flesh from injustice. I am the glowing forge that transforms your inner demons into tools of power. Open yourself to my embrace and overcome. I am the glinting sword that protects you from harm. I am the crucible in which all the aspects of yourself merge together in a rainbow of union. I am the velvet depths of the night sky, the swirling mists of midnight, shrouded in mystery.

I am the chrysalis in which you will face that which terrifies you and from which you will blossom forth, vibrant and renewed. Seek me at the rossroads, and you shall be transformed, for once you look upon my face, there is no return. I am the fire that kisses the shackles away. I am the cauldron in which all opposites grow to know each other in Truth.

Kali Ma, called the “Dark Mother,” is the Hindu goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction.

I am the web which connects all things. I am the Healer of all wounds, the Warrior who rights all wrongs in their Time. I make the weak strong. I make the arrogant humble. I raise up the oppressed and empower the disenfranchised. I am Justice tempered with Mercy. Most importantly, child, I am you. I am part of you, and I am within you.

Seek me within and without, and you will be strong. Know me. Venture into the dark so that you may awaken to Balance, Illumination, and Wholeness. Take my Love with you everywhere and find the Power within to be who you wish. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Kali: Decoding the Dark Goddess

Learn how your comment data is processed. I offer this insight into the energy of Kali Ma, for she is indeed a Dark Goddess of the Venus Underworld, who is very present at this time of Earth and Human Evolution. Venus Journeying through the Underworld - brings us to connect with VENUS as the Dark Goddess goddess of a million names who is greatly misunderstood by western culture in recent times. Personally I am enjoying discovering and connecting to many of these amazing stories, energies and aspects of the dark goddess, so supporting us at this Venus Underworld time sept-dec It is indeed an adventure of cosmic creative proportions!

Kali is depicted in the act of killing but smiles engagingly. Her protruding red tongue signals both modesty a Bengali tradition and her thirst for blood. Her dishevelled hair hints at unrestrained blood lust and alternatively the metaphysical mystery of death that encircles life. Her three eyes represent omniscience, her voluptuous breasts both sexual lust and nurturance. Her nakedness simultaneously represents carnality and purity. Her necklace of severed heads and girdle of severed arms signifies her killing rage but are also tantric metaphors for creative power and severance from the bonds of karma and accumulated deeds.

Even her stance is imbued with dual meaning. While her right hands are generally associated with positive gestures, her left hands hold weaponry — depending on the number of arms she is portrayed as having, a bloodied sword or trident, a freshly severed head and a skull cup to catch the blood. However, even these are symbols of greater purpose. The sword symbolises higher knowledge, the head the human ego that must be severed in order to exit from the cycle of life and rebirth. In the 20 th and 21 st centuries, many western feminist scholars have adopted Kali as a mascot of female empowerment, or have politicised her as a symbol of the supposed former matriarchal golden age that came before our present state of patriarchal control and decline.

New Age Tantric practitioners adapt her obvious sexual manifestations as a therapeutic tool, while Hollywood employs her as a convenient symbol of malevolence. But Kali, the true Kali, will continue to defy all attempts to tame and domesticate her, as she has since the beginning of time.

Would the real Kali please stand up. Kali can be depicted in various aspects, both as a terrible force for violence and retribution, and as a loving protective chaste figure. Photo credit: Kashgar. Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Unexplained, Secret Societies: the Thuggee. Accessed 4 th June Gordon, Sarah , The Cannibal Monks of Varanasi. Daily Mail. Hixon , L Excerpt accessed 4 th June Kinsley, David R University of California Press. McDermott, Rachel Fell Oxford University Press. Nelson, David The Many Faces of Kali. Accessed 6 th June Urban, Hugh In McDermott, Rachel Fell.

Berkeley: University of California Press published Wendy Doniger, Kali: Hindu Goddess. Accessed 2 nd June Nice blog. Kali is and has always been a mysterious figure. She has been misunderstood all right, but the time has come now to reveal the Goddess in her true colours. You can help Kali Maa by doing something for her. To learn how you can help her read my blog on it. Thanks for communicating the complexity of Kali for western readers. Hi guys…. What do yall think this might be?

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  5. Mother Kali is misunderstood because we as finite beings trying to understand with our human limited mind an infinite raw Force that can either loving or destructive but above both these aspects in Its Natural Beingness. For those who approach Her in their childlike faith…She verily opens the Universe to teach from the intricacies of Her Creation to the mundane activities of daily life.

    She will surely answer your Call. Thank you for this. Making complete sense now. I feel like you are talking about kali and kaali as the same. He is also depicted in all black and black clothing. And kaali is the goddess. Kali Ma - The Dark Mother (Dark Goddess of Transformation) -

    Thank you for this beautiful article, finally someone has done Kali justice. As you say, no one can ever really define her, we can only wonder and ask for blessing. Squealing frantically , a black goat was being lifted by the legs as its head was inserted between the bloody staves. Blood spurted from its neck. A lifeless head ,its eyes looking into nothingness ,fell with an eerie thump to the ground while its body immediately taken away for cooking to feed the poor. Nauseated , I rushed outside to the bank of Ganges ,struggling to make sense of it all.

    What a striking contrast , I thought , between the bloodbed I see here — and and the peaceful sages I lived among ,who follow the same Hindu tradition. I grappled to understand the apparent contradiction. Approaching an old sadhu who was reading a book and leaning against a jackfruit tree , I revealed my dilemma. With a sacrificial sword T severed the heads of many animals. But repeated nightmares began to haunt my sleep.

    The goats I killed would invade my dreams. First,I saw them screaming in misery. Next,staring with vengeful eyes ,they gored me with their horns and lacerated my flesh with their teeth. For those who seek the essence ,the path is selfless service and meditation on God.

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    The Vedas are said to be like desire tree wherein we can find a path fulfill whatever we seek. But despite all they do in her temple ,Goddess Kali is vegetarian.


    But this incident gave me a deeper understanding that, without a mature guide , apparent ,contradictions in every tradition could seriously bewilder me. Indian culture ,Hindu in specific, sees Kali as terrible and devouring. The relationship is that of fear and placation resulting therefrom. Animals are slaughtered for her so that she does not turn herself in her hunger to the humans. In Bengal where kali is worshipped in frenzy unequalled in other states of India , when a dear one falls mortally ill , the male head of the family will offer a thimbleful of his own blood to propitiate her.

    The average Hindu has no understanding of the Nirvana — Sunyata , death — rebirth metaphysics and mythologises associated with Kali. She is terrible Motherpower , the Matriarch ,identified with women and placated by man. The soldiers were spirits ,ethereal beings ,yaksha and yakshnis. There is a lot of activity that goes on unseen in this world. The universe in a way protects man from this activity of ethereal beings lest he go insane seeing the war.