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Where to breathe, what notes to bring out, when to vibrato, etc.

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It will. Did I miss a note? Not a big deal.

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This calls for serious internal talk. Practical decisions must be made, and fast. Do I jump within the music to find the other person or do I make them catch me? A trumpet player entered a measure early and refused to move to meet the other four players.

It took the conductor the performance was with choir calling out a rehearsal number to get the group back together. Breathing is the time honored locus of focus. Paying attention to the breath draws thoughts inward, away from the hiccup in the performance, to how you feel here and now.

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Incidentally, focusing on breathing helps with performance anxiety another thing that can obscure the internal recording. Actually the audience should be the last thing on our mind. Thus the paradox. Focusing on the message is the next step after the breath is restored hopefully all this happens in the blink of an eye. The actor obsesses about her clothing, her hair, her voice, the director, the casting director, the lighting, and anything unrelated to the ultimate question.

This is why you took time off of work, researched, prepared, and traveled to this room. This is where you must share your work as actor, and any personal IM that distracts from this purpose simply muddies the reason for the audition. It is completely understandable that an actor allows a personal IM to enter into the situation.

The stakes are high at any audition. The actor has numerous overlapping and conflicting reasons for attending the audition. He is confident that he is right for this role. He wants his talent to be recognized by others.

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  5. He needs the job in order to push his career to a new level. He wants this project as a stepping-stone in his career. He is desperate to make money to pay for rent. He needs to prove to his parents that this is the right career path. He needs a boost to his self-confidence. He needs to prove he is better than the others outside in the waiting room. This audition matters more than any other.

    This sort of desperate and hyperbolic thinking can only distract the actor from his very simple task of sharing his work in order to show the auditors that he is the right actor for this collective version of this role. All other personal IM that pressurize the audition situation only negates the simplistic nature of any audition. They may think the intangibles like chemistry with your co-stars are not quite right. In all of this, the actor must contribute only what she can—her best example of her work for this project.

    The alchemy of the producers, directors, casting directors, accompanist, reader or anyone else in the audition room with the numerous actors seen for one role is impossible to predict. Anytime spent on unproductive IM merely dissipates the work an actor should be doing. Really the actor has to answer that question by showcasing his work.


    No amount of excess personal IM can change the answer. Can one train their IM to think healthily related to auditioning?

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    Absolutely, but like in the rest of this book, staying invested in solely productive onstage IM is nearly impossible. In the next section I shall endeavor to explore positive IM from getting the audition through entering the first rehearsal. In this extended example, I aim to offer you suggestions to retrain your overactive and unfocused IM to better focus on your profession as actor.

    Auditions are the place with the least control for an actor to feel prepared in order to invest in character IM work.

    An actors inner dialogue

    The personal IM is too prevalent and agitated. I suggest development of a new type of IM-- the professional IM. The professional IM has been created as an augmentation from the distracting thoughts of the personal IM. You see an audition notice online or receive a call from your agent regarding an upcoming project. Immediately thoughts run through your head regarding the externals.

    I get a chance to share my work. While this may seem easy, use your next audition to simply keep all IM regarding the event organized, positive, and productive. There may be a major change in your approach.

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    The first thing your professional IM in conjunction with intuition and common sense tells you to do is research the project. At each discovery of information, do not allow your IM to distract you with its possible negativity. Simply gather the information and let the facts discovered motivate you to your next task-- preparation. Write a review. See any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product. Email address. Please enter a valid email address.

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