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Returning to Earth, Galactus unsuccessfully tries to re-enlist the Silver Surfer. Fantastic reprograms Galactus's ship to travel to the Negative Zone , which contains many uninhabited worlds that could potentially be consumed. Galactus frees Firelord when Thor presents Galactus with the Asgardian Destroyer to animate and use as a herald. Galactus comes into conflict with the High Evolutionary when attempting to devour Counter-Earth , but he is temporarily transformed into harmless energy after attempting to devour the planet Poppup.

Fantastic offers to release Galactus from his vow to avoid Earth if he helps defeat the Sphinx. Galactus agrees, if the Fantastic Four first recruit a being called Tyros as a new herald. The quartet succeed, and the newly empowered and renamed Terrax the Tamer leads his master to Earth. Galactus locates and defeats the Sphinx in Egypt , but is confronted by Mr. Fantastic, who, unbeknownst to Galactus, wields a fake Ultimate Nullifier. Unable to read Richard's mind which is protected by the Watcher , Galactus retreats. Galactus empowers and uses the superheroine Dazzler to locate a missing Terrax, who is in fact hiding from his master inside a black hole.

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Near death, Galactus is saved by the Fantastic Four and the Avengers while also acquiring another herald: Nova. Fantastic is captured by the Shi'ar for saving Galactus's life, and is tried by aliens who survived the annihilation of their worlds by Galactus. During the trial, the cosmic entity Eternity —the sentient embodiment of space and reality of the Marvel Universe—intervenes, allowing all beings present to momentarily become one with the universe, allowing them to understand that Galactus is a necessary part of the cosmic order. During the Secret Wars , Galactus attempts to consume Battleworld in order to force the Beyonder to remove his hunger, but his plan is foiled by Doctor Doom.

When Nova is conscience-stricken at causing the death of billions of aliens, Galactus takes on a new herald, the bloodthirsty Morg the Executioner.

During a final confrontation near the home world of the Shi'ar , the Silver Surfer turns Galactus's siphoning machines against him. A starving Galactus dies and adopts the form of a star. Galactus then provides Mr. Fantastic with the Ultimate Nullifier , which he uses to reset reality and prevent Abraxas' initial escape and destruction.

Conscience-stricken, Galactus tries to rid himself of his hunger by feeding on the power from the Infinity Gems , but is tricked into releasing the Hunger, which feeds on entire galaxies. The Hunger is destroyed when Thanos orchestrates a final battle with Galactus. The Fantastic Four and Quasar free the Torch by changing Galactus back into the humanoid Galan, who chooses to exile himself to an energy-rich alternate dimension before he can transform back into Galactus so that he can feed on that reality without endangering planets.

Galactus retaliates and destroys most of Annihilus' forces. After an encounter with Epoch , [64] Galactus consumes the planet Orbucen. Fantastic explains that in the distant future, the heroes on a dying Earth had killed Galactus and then escaped to the present via time travel. Galactus, the Celestials and the resurrected Tenebrous and Aegis combat the powerful Cancerverse weapon: the Galactus Engine constructed from the corpse of the Cancerverse's counterpart to Galactus.

After an encounter with the High Evolutionary, [74] Galactus invades Asgard , home of the Norse Gods, seeking an Asgardian artifact to sate his hunger and spare future civilizations.

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Odin , ruler of the Norse Gods, contends that Galactus wishes to ensure that he is not replaced in the next universe. To avoid a protracted battle, the Silver Surfer offers to remain on Earth to guard the artifact on the proviso that Galactus may have it once Asgard eventually passes. Galactus recruits a preacher that he names Praeter to be his new herald. The heroes of the alternate Earth travel to Earth to acquire information on Galactus [78] and eventually manage to send Galactus to the Negative Zone, reasoning that he will eventually starve to death as the region is composed of anti-matter.

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Galactus returns to the universe, and after an encounter with Squirrel Girl , [81] is forced into his own incubator by the Ultimates , who are determined to end his threat. Galactus re-emerges as a Lifebringer instead of a Devourer of Worlds, his first act being to restore Archeopia, the first world that he ever consumed.

Galactus also comes into conflict with fellow cosmics Lord Chaos and Master Order , who, with the Molecule Man , wish for Galactus to return to his former role as a Devourer of Worlds and thereby restore order to the universe. Galactus locates the hero Anti-Man outside the multiverse and, after transforming him into a Herald of Life, sends him to recruit the recently disbanded Ultimates to help discover the identity of Eternity's captor, who is later revealed to be the First Firmament, the first iteration of the cosmos.

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Lord Chaos and Master Order bring Galactus to trial before the Living Tribunal , still seeking to restore Galactus to his former state for the sake of the cosmic balance. Although Galactus successfully argues that the balance of the new Multiverse is different and that his old role is obsolete, the Tribunal is destroyed by a Firmament-influenced Master Order and Lord Chaos.

After a brief battle, Master Order decides to create a new cosmic order, which it and Lord Chaos control. Their former servant, the In-Betweener, is forcibly merged with them into a new cosmic being called Logos. After destroying several Celestials, Logos forcibly transforms Galactus back into the Devourer of Worlds.

Alexander The Protector

The process is reversed when Anti-Man sacrifices his life to restore Galactus as the Lifebringer. Galactus then swears to free the imprisoned Eternity. Galactus reluctantly agrees. After consuming Saiph, Galactus's hunger returns and the Silver Surfer becomes his Herald again as he takes Galactus to find an uninhabited planet.

Returning to Earth, Galactus has a confrontation with Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four, with Doom revealing his plans to harness Galactus's power as an energy source. The first and oldest living entity in the universe, [86] Galactus was created during the union of the Sentience of the previous Universe and Galan of Taa, [87] [88] [89] and is described as "the physical, metamorphosed embodiment of a cosmos.

Galactus utilizes cosmic energy known as the Power Cosmic to perform feats, which have included universal cosmic awareness , [96] telepathy , [97] telekinesis , [98] energy projection; [99] size alteration; [] transmutation of matter; [] teleportation of objects across space, [] creation of force fields [] and interdimensional portals ; [] creation of life , [] resurrection , [] manipulating souls, [] memories and emotions, [] and mass-scale events such as recreating dead worlds in every detail including illusions of their entire populations [] and destroying multiple solar systems simultaneously.

A frequent act has been appointing an individual as his herald , granting each in turn a small fraction of the Power Cosmic. This Power replaces the auras or souls of the recipient, with each wielder's physical form adapting to store the energy and in turn allow manipulation for feats such as energy projection. Galactus has on occasion been severely weakened due to a lack of sustenance, and on one occasion was defeated whilst in this state by the combined Fantastic Four and Avengers.

Galactus also employs incredibly advanced science capable of producing objects such as the Punisher robots, [] the Ultimate Nullifier a weapon capable of destroying and remaking the multiverse [] and his space station Taa II. Heralds in the main continuity of the Marvel Universe include:.

Numerous versions of Galactus exist in alternate universes :. The final issue of The Adventures of the X-Men reveals that the previous universe from which Galan originates was Earth, which was being destroyed when the Dweller-In-Darkness used the M'Kraan Crystal to feed of the energies of the dying universe. In the Amalgam Comics universe that combines Marvel and DC characters, Galactus is combined with DC's Brainiac to create Galactiac, a being that consumes planetary energy but also leaves some of the world for his own personal study.

In the five-issue miniseries Bullet Points Jan. Their sacrifice inspires the Surfer to turn on Galactus, who subsequently flees Earth. In the limited series Earth X , Galactus is one of the three entities in the universe responsible for keeping cosmic entities the Celestials in check. By destroying planets the "eggs" of the Celestials , Galactus prevents the beings from overpopulating the universe. Franklin Richards eventually adopts Galactus's identity.

The series Exiles features a version of Galactus that restores rather than destroys worlds, and empowers the being Sabretooth to defeat a renegade Silver Surfer.

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In the alternate future of Earth, the original Guardians of the Galaxy witness the formation of a symbiotic relationship between Galactus and the former Silver Surfer, now known as the Keeper. Having been named a Protector of the Universe by Eon and further empowered with the Quantum Bands , the Keeper possesses sufficient power to constantly supply Galactus with energy, ending his need to consume worlds. The second volume of the Fantastic Four features a pocket universe created by Franklin Richards after the events of the Onslaught saga, and includes a version of Galactus with five heralds, all of whom are worshiped by the Inhumans.

Galactus appears as a gigantic, planet-sized life form—complete with a single, massive eye and tentacles—covered with a number of life forms Galactus spores , which aid its digestion. The limited series Marvel Zombies features the Earth universe, which is infected by a virus changing sentient beings into flesh-eating zombies.

Galactus's power is absorbed when consumed by the infected Avengers. The MC2 title Last Planet Standing features a future version of Galactus that eventually merges with the Silver Surfer and vows to repair rather than destroy worlds. First mentioned by the robot Ultimate Vision , Gah Lak Tus is a group mind of city-sized robotic drones. The drones use envoys similar to the Silver Surfer, who introduce a flesh-eating virus into planets. In the timeline of an aged and future King Thor , Galactus comes to a deserted Earth to finally consume it.

The entity eventually bonds with All-Black the Necrosword and becomes "Galactus the World Butcher", devouring multiple planets. In an alternate universe, in order to resurrect Galactus, the Silver Surfer used the remnants of Ultron , creating a fusion of Ultron and Galactus. Fox apparently wished for the character to remain "discreet": hence the altered appearance. Michael Straczynski stated "You don't want to sort of blow out something that big and massive for one quick shot in the first movie. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Comic book character.

Galactus on the variant cover of The Amazing Spider-Man vol. Art by Adi Granov. Main article: The Galactus Trilogy. Main article: Ultimate Galactus Trilogy. Marvel Comics.

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The Galactus Trilogy Annihilation. Creators : Stan Lee Jack Kirby. Acolytes A. Avengers Mansion Avengers Tower. Avengers Quinjet. Avengers Campus. List of Avengers titles. Category Book. Other articles and topics related to Galactus. Annihilation Annihilation: Conquest. Fantastic Four. Agatha Harkness Avengers H. We will cover the shipping costs. Our Return policy and Guarantee provisions. Mail delivery Expected delivery time from external warehouse: approx.

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