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It was and he was in Tibet, learning to meditate and trekking in the Himalayas when something struck him about the local men accompanying him. They were of a much smaller build than him, but they could lift twice as much. That moment, he says, transformed his life. When he got home he tried blending regular butter in tea but it tasted terrible, so he blended grass-fed butter — which most appropriated yak butter - with coffee instead. Bulletproof Coffee was born. Before long, thousands of people all over the U.

Conveniently, Asprey sells his own brands of both coffee and coconut oil from his website.

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One Bulletproof Coffee contains calories and around 50 grams of fat. With the Bulletproof Diet, Asprey, a slim year-old who lives in Canada, is moving on from your morning cup of java to your entire daily menu. I have lower triglyceride levels [a type of fat] than most anyone I know. When we speak by phone, Asprey is on the acre farm in British Columbia, where he lives with his wife, Lana, and their two children. I ask him to explain the Bulletproof Diet. What does he consume each day?

Bulletproof Marriage: A 90-Day Devotional

The diet requires no calorie counting and no measuring. Followers eat when they are hungry and stop when they are satisfied. It contains high amounts of fructose, which will not give you a long-lasting energy boost and will, instead, cause food cravings. Some of this theory is corroborated by nutritionists. Around the world, a growing body of expert opinion is warning that sugar, rather than fat, is the greatest threat to human health.

Many of the New Year diet books this year focused not on fat or carbohydrates, but on sugar and the everyday foods soups, bread that contain high levels of sucrose. However, the American Heart Association has stuck to its guns and still recommends a diet low in the type of saturated fats found in food such as butter and red meat.

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In his opinion, consumers were badly let down in the Seventies when saturated fat was declared the number one enemy in the war against heart disease and low-fat foods were promoted as a healthy alternative. What the public weren't told was that, to compensate for the detrimental effect on taste, food manufacturers had substituted fat for spoonfuls of sugar. Although he made his fortune in computing, Asprey says he has always been interested in nutrition.

The one about cereal grains, for example, begins with a quote from the Bible and is written by a man called Loren Cordain , otherwise known as the author of The Paleo Diet , a health plan that involves eating only foods that were available to humans during the Paleolithic or caveman era, and has been widely discredited. Another is about insulin sensitivity in domestic pigs.

He does concede that the dangers of saturated fats have been over-emphasised, but insists they do still exist. In , a study on the diet of Tibetan women found that Tibetans drank high quantities of buttered salt tea, consuming The most common ailments were digestive disorders, upper respiratory diseases, tuberculosis, arthritis, joint pain, and back pain.

In , a further study found abnormal lipid [fat] levels among highlanders. Sherpas had slightly lower levels of cholesterol, but another study found this was likely attributed to their metabolism of cholesterol at high altitude. After British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes , who, together with Mike Stroud, became the first to cross the Antarctic unsupported, had a heart attack on a plane bound for Scotland in , doctors looked at his diet.

Fiennes was a notorious chocoholic before he changed his lifestyle. He also advocates white rice over brown because brown rice, Asprey says, has more anti-nutrients in it. They evolved to reproduce; germinate. Exquisite Surfaces offers a sustainability solution that don't call for choosing between eco-values and a sense of style. We're grabbing a few chic desig Strike a balanc Can you even call it an obsession if you're only drinking the stuff? These matcha pancakes are everything we want in the morning. We're sharing two recipe We're exploring a few delicious uses for aquafaba, aka the culinary vegan's new bff, including wellness lattes topped with thick foamy perfection courtes Find out what keeps supermodel, Kirsty Hume, in such glowing shape hint: it's the nettle tea.

We're spending the morning with Kirsty and giving awa It's International Women's Day and this year, we're celebrating by spotlighting a few inspiring women who are fighting fiercely for causes we believe i Yoga is about flexibility, intuition and strength - both on and off the mat. We're talking to yogi Caley Alyssa about how her practice has shaped her perspectiv Fitness expert and wellness-minded mama to be, Andrea Speir, is walking us though the must-knows of working out while pregnant Meet Biohacker extraordinaire and founder of the Bulletproof empire, Dave Asprey.

The book distills advice from some the most forward-thinking wellness leaders and other high-achieving modern thought leaders that Dave encounters via his own hacking adventures, but especially via the Bulletproof podcast.


How are these individuals optimizing their lives to be smarter, faster and happier. We pulled this insightful excerpt from the Game Changers book. There is a full chapter on avoiding burnout — the ultimate life-hack for working smarter. This piece requires a pen and paper, or at least a little solo time to reflect. I have been honored to join those retreats and have frankly been blown away to see so many legends of personal development talking about how their passion for helping others had nearly burned them out.

Asprey includes prescriptive Action Items at the end of each chapter. Take some time and evaluate your own habits surrounding over-work and burnout…. Stop doing them.

Evaluate your energy and write down the top three things that suck the most energy from your life and, also, that give the most energy to your life. Which of these things that suck your energy can you simply stop doing? Whom will you ask to do it? Prioritize daily self-care even or especially if you spend much of your time caring for others. Yes, this means you, moms. Schedule it the same way you would a dentist appointment or a job interview. Open your calendar.

People Moves: Chris Campbell Joins AccelFoods

Do it now. Assess your goals and write down thirty-, sixty-, and ninety-day goals. Weigh all new requests for your time against those goals. Loving this advice? TCM Classic — Pair this pretty plant-based dip with a plate of ultra-modern crudite. We originally ran this beet hummus recipe in , but loved it so much we decided to bring it back. In a food processor, place the chickpeas, beet juice, olive oil, tahini, garlic and salt, and process until completely smooth, 2 to 3 minutes.

Season with pepper and more salt. Transfer to a shallow serving bowl, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with parsley. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Looking for the perfect pairing? Give this recipe for homemade crackers a go. Your email address will not be published. We originally ran this recipe for seed crackers in , but their just to good stay on the shelf. Enjoy them all season with any of these delicious homemade dips …. T hese lemon-turmeric seed crisps put the crack in cracker.

This recipe for seed crackers cis full of fiber, healthy fats and totally clean ingredients. They make a perfect addition to any clean snack rotation…. But, as so often happens in health and wellness, growing interest in probiotics has led to an explosion of brands and products—many with questionable potency and efficacy. The result? Complete consumer confusion. The truth is that our understanding of the microbiome and the field of probiotics has just begun. We spoke with one of the most educated people we know on the topic, Ara Katz, co-founder of Seed , and learned that probiotics actually go far beyond simply supporting gut health or addressing digestive issues.

As research continues to advance, the role of bacteria in the health of our bodies, our children, our environment, and even in the prevention and treatment of disease, has become one of the most fascinating frontiers of science. Ready for a science-driven deep dive?

The Bulletproof Diet: simplistic, invalid and unscientific

Ara is here to drop some knowledge…. What inspired the creation of Seed? What did you see lacking in the market? My pregnancy and breastfeeding experience, paired with our mutual fascination with the microbiome especially its critical role in infant development prompted the question, How can we set up a child for a healthy life? One question led to many around the possibilities of how beneficial microbes bacteria can and do impact our health as well as the health of our planet — and culminated in a shared vision to set a new standard in consumer health.

TCM: How do we benefit from taking probiotics? AK: As transient aka non-colonizing microbes, our probiotic strains travel through your colon, interacting with your immune cells, gut cells, dietary nutrient, and existing bacteria to directly and indirectly deliver benefits along the way.

Some strains support a stronger gut barrier, which is critical for the absorption of beneficial nutrients and for protection against harmful substances. Others trigger neurotransmitters that stimulate muscle contractions, resulting in better more regular bowel movements. But probiotics are not all about digestive benefits. Our bodies are complex and interconnected, and the gastrointestinal system home to the majority of your microbiome sits at the core of it all. The Dermatological Health blend in our Daily Synbiotic includes strains that are clinically proven to promote skin health, as well as a healthy SCORAD score a scale for measuring atopic dermatitis, or eczema.

Other strains produce metabolites — or byproducts — like short-chain fatty acids, which are essential for both metabolic and immune health. Probiotics offer new tools for us to preventatively and proactively care for our whole selves—and are an important complement to diet, nutrition and exercise. TCM: As consumers, how can we know who to trust in an industry that exceedingly touts gut health via probiotics? But we also saw it propel a category filled with misleading messaging, questionable products, hyperbolic claims and a shift away from science.

Misinformation leads to misguided choices and misspent dollars that have the potential to compromise our health — rather than improve it. We see this happening with probiotics too.

Founder Asprey Steps Down as Bulletproof CEO, Following Year of Turnover

Gregor Reid, in So together — with our combined experience in translating scientific research, product development, technology, e-commerce, and storytelling — we set out to bring much-needed science, precision, transparency, and education to this crowded and confusing market. TCM: What are the biggest misconceptions consumers have about probiotics? These are the seven most common myths in the category….

But this is a common misconception. Your body is complex and interconnected, and the gastrointestinal system sits at the core of it all. So, while improvements in gut health are often the most immediate, localized, and evident with digestion often improved in as little as hours , probiotics can actually have powerful effects across the entire body, far beyond your digestive tract.

You might have ingested some bacteria, but do you know which strains? In what quantities? Have they survived the acidic journey through your digestive system and landed in your colon? Have those strains been studied, in those quantities, to actually do something in your body? The science of probiotics demands precision, accountability, and efficacy you are putting live bacteria in your body, after all. Large numbers of newcomers moving in and displacing your existing bacteria could alter the unique balance of your ecosystem within and trigger unintended consequences.

What scientists do know is that, as transient microbes, probiotics travel through your GI tract, interacting with your immune cells, dendritic cells, gut cells, dietary nutrients, and existing bacteria to, directly and indirectly, deliver benefits. Some enhance the gene expressions involved in tight junction signaling, which help protect against intestinal permeability—this means a tight gut barrier. Others trigger neurotransmitters that stimulate muscle contractions for increased motility—think, better, more regular poops.

Yet other bacteria produce byproducts like short-chain fatty acids, which have been extensively shown to be beneficial for metabolic and immune health. This is why, if you choose to take a probiotic, continuous daily intake is important. Not necessarily — especially if it contains billions and billions of bacteria never tested in humans. That refers to colony-forming units, which basically tells you how many bacteria in the sample are capable of dividing and forming colonies.

First, a bigger number on the bottle does not always mean better results. The best dose, per strain, is one that has been shown to deliver clinically-validated, positive outcomes in humans. Through AFU, we are able to calculate a more precise measurement of all viable cells, including ones that are efficacious but not necessarily culturable and therefore would not be counted in a traditional plated CFU measurement.

The female formulation is also the first probiotic to increase folate production. AK: The female formulation includes a dermatological health blend and is also the first to include probiotic strains that increase folate production within the body.