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Imagine my disgust when I bit into the cake only to find that the banana and caramel flavour existed only in the icing — the cupcake itself was pretty bland. On 21st December In Cakes and Desserts , Coffee. Back at the start of November I woke up one morning with a sudden urge for a winter flavoured coffee.

No one else was up and it was cold outside, so as I waited for the coffee to brew I thought about how I could get that taste I wanted. The taste I wanted was the taste to wake up to on a cold snowy morning, when the Christmas tree is up, something warm and spicy. Read More.

On 1st November Over the weekend I have been over indulging on scones, scones, more scones and the occasional pumpkin cookie. Despite all this I have not disgusted myself quite enough to stop from it altogether. An emergency plan is needed, I need to trick my own brain! With this goal and left over pumpkin puree from yesterday tonight I made and tasted my first Pumpkin Spiced Latte. On 14th April In Dinner. This cake is going to that party! When he offered fifteen bucks, I would have laughed out loud and asked him, "What planet have YOU been living on, dude!

Now, who goes to a big 40th BD bash and thinks they need a cake? But I was not offended I would walk in with that cake and tell BD girl, "Your hubby told me at the last minute that MIL was making your cake, but since I'd already put all of the work into this one, I brought it anyway.

See a Problem?

If hubby is a big wus, and if there are negative consequences to HIS actions, then it's his problem, not mine. I can't help it if he's not man enough to stand up on his own two feet on this.

I never liked sitting in the corner in the dark sucking my thumb You can choose whatever "road" you like, but sometimes the road not taken is less bumpy for everyone. She didn't do anything wrong. Why escalate this?

Grrr. Cupcake. Summary

No one that I've read here has mandated that OP needs to go sit in a corner and suck her thumb. Get real. I know this borders on "preachy" but Forget "classy" and just go for "civil. We have to live with them. OP can "make a point of this" with him, but what's it going to gain her in the end? Satisfaction is short-lived when you're no longer invited to family gatherings at SIL's house. OP knows SIL, we don't. She should decide whether she thinks giving the cake to her is an act of love or an act of vindication.

Timing is everything on determining that. And as an official "old fart" I can tell you, most of what's wrong with society these days is 1 lack of manners, and 2 self-absorption. No, you're not the center of the universe, and no, it's not alright to hurt someone else's feelings to make yourself feel better. Well,,,, If it was me, I would still bring it, esp.

The more cake the better.. Just say, "Oh well, I already made the cake before I got the call".. Oh sure! Well, I'm not an old fart but I agree with Texa Maybe the brother was just going to cover the cost of ingredients I don't usually let people walk over me - leanred my lesson. But something has to be said about being charitable and not making the situation worse. I'd feel better if I didn't hurt anyone else that hadn't hurt me with their actions This is all his fault!

It's a birthday celebration, right? The event is about honoring the birthday girl and everyone enjoying themselves The way I look at it was that your window of opportunity to try to make this right was when your BIL called you. I don't know why he thought it would hurt his MIL feelings if she didn't get to bring the cake. Was she planning on making her own daughter's cake?

As a mom, maybe that is important to her. And maybe her skill level is not up to yours. That's the only way I can figure it would hurt her feelings, if making the cake was something she was looking forward to. I wish you could have asked your BIL why he didn't want to tell her, and then tell him that you were already working on the cake as your gift to her, and that it was important to you to find a way to still do that.

Is it possible to still talk to him? Chances are, he is just clueless from top to bottom.

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But my thoughts are not to make this about you. It isn't your party. Figure out a way you can still give it to her if at all possible. Another day?

Vegan Golden Vanilla Cupcakes with Avocado "Buttercream" Frosting

Maybe on her actual birthday if the party is on a different day? There is a whole lot of in between from being a doormat to a diva. What is right in this case is somewhere in between. So what about BIL poor manners. My question is if she were a bakery that was charging what would he have told MIL then. Would he have cancelled or told his MIL that the cake was taken care of. I am normally one to take the high road and that has nothing to do with old age. I feel like she should give the cake to SIL.

Not at the party though or come over early and put the cake in kitchen and tell MIL what happened if she is there. OP doesn't have to come across anyway if she is honest and says, "I have already made the cake so I brought it" ANy reasonable person would understand and say thanks. You can never have too much cake, And as I think, if this is a gift to SIL, why should she have to change the gift she is giving.

Vegan Golden Vanilla Cupcakes with Avocado "Buttercream" Frosting | Joanne Eats Well With Others

Would this same thing apply to all gifts? I wholeheartedly afree with Wendl! I really think this is the best option. Just bring your beautiful cake, act innocent and say "I hope you enjoy my present to you". They will all get it hopefully! Since when is two cakes a problem in life?

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More yummy options! Bring it, it's your gift afterall. I would definitely NOT take it to the party. It would embarass the MIL and accomplish nothing. What have I been doing in the last few months? Check out Grrr. Cupcake, now available is a real book that you can touch and hold! Cupcake, now available as a real book! There aren't any ovens in Thailand! I'm having cupcake withdrawals. Something chocolately, nutty and marshmallowy would be good. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of Grrr Bakery on Facebook.

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Book 3. No afternoon tea is complete without a batch of scones. If you're not sure where to start in your scone baking adventure, or are looking for variations, then start here with Grrr. If you enjoyed Grrr. Cupcake cu Keep checking your Amazon links to get your free copy: Here's the link for.